How to Save on Water Without Losing Comfort

How to Save on Water Without Losing Comfort

It is summer and the temperature is climbing rapidly. Fans are going to be on duty overtime, and the monthly bills are set to soar. If you have installed air-conditioners, then even more so.

If you are looking for a way to cut the spending and still stay cool, you must call Sunil Sood, energy consultant and green activist. He will tell you about ‘gorilla’ fans with 65% savings, efficient air-conditioners and more. Founder of the Indian Association of Energy Management Professionals, engineers committed to make India energy-independent by 2022, Sunil is an active campaigner for energy conservation. And more.

He is a one-man brigade battling for energy and water conservation, garbage and traffic management, cleanliness and hygiene and everything else one can club under ‘green’ activity.

Sunil, who was a senior electrical engineer with Mecon for many years, took a break to pursue energy activism, fought a few bitter battles, founded IAEMP, set up an energy consulting firm and finally rejoined Mecon after 15 years. Retiring from there, he is back in Bangalore where he resides with his wife.

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  • Date: 07-Apr-2017
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