Franchisee Process

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Steps to become Franchisee                

1.      Pre - registration


a.      Following documents should be ready with you

                                                  i.      You must have scanned copies of your KYC documents with you

                                               ii.      Your Full Name

                                             iii.      Email

                                             iv.      Phone  - Primary /Alternative  numbers

                                                v.      KYC  documents  - PAN, ADHAR,  ADDRESS PROOF


b.      You must have scanned copies of registered Company/Shop documents

                                                  i.      Company Name

                                               ii.      PAN

                                             iii.      GST Number

                                             iv.      Company registration Address

                                                v.      Shop Address  - Current bill/Lease/rented

                                             vi.      Company Email

                                           vii.      Company Phone number


2.      Registration process

a.      Register  into  Greenduniya website :


b.      You will get a call from Greenduniya Team.  They will explain and collect necessary details required to open a franchisee

                                                  i.      Mail required  documents to

c.       Once Application approved as a Franchisee, you will get Approval mail.


3.      Products Order Process

a.      Login into

b.      Create Bulk Order

                                                  i.      Use Bulk Order link to make an order   in My Account page



                                               ii.      Use Catalog link to see all products available in Greenduniya.  Click Add to Bulk Order

                                             iii.      GST and Shipping charges will be applied automatically.

                                             iv.      View Bulk Order and Submit for Payment

                                                v.      You will get  single or multiple invoices for your order and details will be emailed to you.

                                             vi.      Your order will be processed within 5 to 10 days.

                                           vii.      Shipment tracking will be mailed/SMS  to you.

                                        viii.      Product shipping dates may vary based on availability of products.





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