Greenduniya Seller Account registration process

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  1.   Seller Account Registration steps
    1.  Open
    2.  For register as a seller account  you can use  “SELL”  button  on top right of the website or  click here to register as   SELLER

    1.  Then fill the registration form  and do submit  for completing the registration process. 
  1.  How to add products yourself in the website with your Seller account 
    1.  After register as a seller account we have added a free plan to add products into our website.
    2.  After registration login with your credentials into  LOGIN in to your account.   "My Account" page will appear.   In that page click on "Add products " button to start adding your products.
    3.  Fill all your product details including images etc.. and click on save button. (highlighted in the below pic)
    4.  After successful completion of adding products,  then click  on "Edit" to verify all the details.
    5.  After completing your changes,  change the status of the product to "CONFIRM".  Click on other Info and  change the status to “Vendor verified” then click save.( details are shown in below pic).

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