This day and age, you hear everyone talking about going green.Whether you want to admit it or not, at some point everyone will have to follow with the green movement. This is because at the rate we are going, the earth is simply not sustainable. That means that over the years, we will begin to run out of certain natural resources that are needed in order for us to survive. Green buildings are designed in such a way to reduce overall impact on environment and human health by:

1.      Reducing trash, pollution and degradation of environment.

2.      Efficiently using energy, water and other resources.

3.      Protecting occupant health and improving productivity.

Environmental Benefits:

·         Reduce wastage of water

·         Conserve natural resources

·         Improve air and water quality

·         Protect biodiversity and ecosystems

Economic Benefits:

·         Reduce operating costs

·         Improve occupant productivity

·         Create market for green product and services

Social Benefits:

·         Improve quality of life

·         Minimize strain on local infrastructure

·         Improve occupant health and comfort


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