Solar Dryers

Solar dehydrators or dryers are used in farms to dry crops before sending them to the market. These dryers commonly use passive solar panels for generating energy. A large-scale solar dryer usually consists of a shed, drying racks and a solar panels. The crops are dried when a hot air is circulated through the shed by natural convection or using a fan. Domestic and compact solar dryers can handle farm produce like vegetables, fruits, spices, etc. Solar cabinet dryers can be used for drying perishable, semi - perishable and wet processed food material (such as potato chips, leafy vegetables) without contamination. Forced circulation solar dryers use an array of solar collectors connected together to maximize airflow. This type of dryers have components such as solar air heaters, an electric blower, connecting ducts, a drying chamber and control systems for sir temperature and flow rate. These dryers are used to dehydrate high value products

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